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    Having opened Pemberton Holmes Real Estate's first office on Denman Island in 2015 (after having opened and managed the Coast Realty office there since 2001), and having lived on the island since 1991, Don has the knowledge, experience and contacts ...

  • Real Estate Properties on Denman Island

    Real Estate on Denman Island

    From beautiful oceanfront homes to casual getaway cabins, Denman properties run the gamut from unpretentious to gorgeous ...

  • Real Estate Properties on Hornby Island

    Real Estate on Hornby Island

    With its spectacular Tribune Bay beach surrounded by a multitude of subdivisions offering both homes, lots and cottages, Hornby has a variety of properties to peruse ...

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    Relocating to the Islands

    To help make this process easier, we’ve put together a comprehensive Relocation Guide specifically designed to help make your move as smooth and comfortable as possible.


Welcome to the Islands

Denman and Hornby Islands offer something special and unique to those looking for a full-time home or holiday home. As part of British Columbia’s Northern Gulf Islands, these two natural wonders offer the lure of peace and serenity in a truly spectacular water-surrounded setting. While each island offers its own particular appeal, the rural beauty and special blend of both natural and cultural resources is inherent to both. These islands are home to the most artists and artisans per capita in Canada, and the rich intellectual and creative environment they engender make them a very special place to live.

With Hornby’s famed Tribune Bay beach and Denman’s renowned special interest tours of artists and gardens, there’s a wealth of special things to discover here.

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Life on Denman Island

Life on Hornby Island



Our Pemberton Holmes Real Estate office on Denman is conveniently located just beyond the top of the hill after departing the ferry. This central location is on the road to the Hornby Island ferry and is the perfect first stop (next to Baynes Sound Insurance) for all Real Estate buyers or sellers.


For more Denman details, visit Don’s personal Denman website, www.denmanislandrealestate.com as well.

Pemberton Holmes Real Estate on Denman Island Serving Denman & Hornby islands

Denman Island Office

  • PO Box 40, 3646 Denman Road, Denman Island B.C. V0R 1T0

  • Telephone: 250.335.3119

  • Fax: 250.335.1522

  • Toll Free: 1.888.297.4084

  • Email: Don