The Thatch Hornby Island by Andrew Fyson  

Life on Hornby Island

Hornby Island is a community of thoughtful, creative and diverse people who value the rural serenity and security of their island. The island residents are characterized as relaxed, friendly and very creative in all walks of life. There are many artists, performers, dancers and musicians adding a very colourful cultural side to the island. The island also offers an array of alternative and holistic healing options; everything from art therapy, meditation and yoga to t’ai chi and drumming. The islanders are drawn to the island because of its free spirit and inner beauty. Also, there is no lack of professionals or trades people which makes for one big happy community.

Hornby is also well known for its scenic rural vistas, white sandy beaches, wooded forests and abundant wildlife. Did you know that Hornby is one of the few places in the world where you can see the rare endangered Edith Checkerspot butterfly and the rare six-gill shark? Diving on the island is a favourite sport and much sea life can be seen; giant octopus, wolf eels and more. In March when the herring go through the channel the island is alive with hundreds of bald eagles and sea lions.

As if all this were not enough to entice you to come and make Hornby your home the island is also well equipped with all the necessary amenities any town would have. There is a pub/restaurant and liquor store, bakery and pizzeria, cappuccino bar and crafts shop, dentist and medical clinic, elementary/pre-school and computer access center, senior’s center and library, bank and ATM machine, recycling depot and free store, co-op grocery/hardware store and gas bar, scuba shop and boat/kayak rentals, convenience store and art gallery and much more!

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Denman Island Office

  • PO Box 40, 3646 Denman Road, Denman Island B.C. V0R 1T0

  • Telephone: 250.335.3119

  • Fax: 250.335.1522

  • Toll Free: 1.888.297.4084

  • Email: Don